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Haircolor. Why professional color versus “box” at home color?

redken_tn.jpg>Haircolor is a big business for TV and salons.    On TV the commercials make it so very appealing to want to run to the closet grocery store and grab that very inexpensive box of beautiful color, right?

So what is it that makes “at home” haircolor look so great on TV?  Let’s take a look at this, and break it down.  First of all, they usually use a well known celebrity…and who doesn’t want to look and feel great like they do?  Then there is the whole behind the scenes thing that happens to make a commercial.  There are professionals, all across the board….behind making that $7.00 box of “at home” haircolor look so enticing.  

We know that the celebrity sporting that color did not do their own color for the shoot.  You will always find a professional hairdresser taking care of their hair, hairstyle and haircolor.

Has anyone ever shared with you what your hair is made of?  The first 85% is comprised of protein and moisture.  Are your ready for this……????  Only 1% of your hair strand is natural melanin/pigment.  It is information like this that is a point of difference as to why it would be most beneficial to opt to having a professional colorist provide that service for you.    Beautiful, drop dead, gorgeous haircolor really comes from taking care of what the hair is made of….first.

 If you protein and/or moisture balance is off, then the end results of your haircolor will be significantly affected. View some haircolor makeovers at:  http://www.annmariewalts.com <P>

The “box” at home haircolor is very appealing because of: price, the photography on the packaging and star appeal.  There are limitations to opting for the “box” at home haircolor, and one major limitation is that the color in the bottle.  Non-professional haircolor cannot acheive the same results that a professional haircolorist can.

 In the salon, sometimes it may take 2 or 3 different colors mixed together to make the perfect, beautiful shade of haircolor.  There are many options when going to a salon, too.   Techniques are what a “box” at home haircolor cannot provide.

 One professional color manufacturer takes the guess work out of how to find a salon, haircolorist, and also gives tips on, maybe, some questions you may want to ask.   www.redkencolor.com

So in the end, as it may seem appealing to reach for the “box” of at home haircolor because it seems more economical….in the end—the opposite may be true.    Many times more than not, it has been my experience that “box” of at home haircolor situation has come out with unexpected results.  That leads to more time, and money.

Quality, professional haircolor is an investment, and insurance that you will be able to attain that gorgeous haircolor that you desire.  

You, too, can look like your favorite movie star!!

Really, do you think that they color their hair at home?

Stayed tuned…….  erika-wordpress-web.jpg   AMW PHOTOGRAPHY



3 Responses

  1. Anne Marie is the best! she definetley knows exactly what she is doing and loves doing it!!!!

  2. Sorry to hear that has been your experience. Maybe you haven’t found the right hairstylist. Bringing in pictures with you can help, and working with a salon that books adequate time for their guests makes a huge difference. Professionally, I stopped double booking my guests about 10 years ago to ensure that I was providing my attention to you versus…..”my schedule.” I professionally, feel and think that hairstylists need to spend more time with their clients. http://www.theloftsalonstudio.com

    Thank you for your feedback.

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